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Man, animals & birds need zinc in a good amount. But now a day the amount of original zinc present in soil is getting reduced like anything. There might be lots of reasons. Today soil erosion is one of the most hazardous things happening on planet earth and we are responsible for it. One of them is cutting down of forests. Hence many minerals are getting eroded. Reduction of minerals can be seen in humans to. Many people are getting weaker and weaker also few of them are getting mentally ill, negative thinkers, lack zinc are the main important thing in this.

Lack of zinc makes skin dry. Water imbalance is found. One will always find horizontal cracks on bark, trunk of tress and plants. It’s the sign of lack of zinc in them. Sometimes you will also find cracks on end produce of horticultural plants.

Zinc is responsible to keep humans and plants skin healthy. Sexual problems are also found due to lack of zinc. Zinc is somewhere or other place responsible for it.

Loss of zinc can been seen when leaves get whitish. Reduction of flowering is also possible because of lack of zinc. Premature there is fall of fruits from tree. Vitamin A also gets reduced due to lack of zinc in fruits. Luster fruits and flowers are reduced. Working of tertiary roots gets reduced.

Hence it is very important that plants gets right amount of zinc from soil. If soil doesn’t have right amount present in it then use of zinc externally will be beneficial. After studying the importance of zinc we at Nanosolutions have introduced right amount of zinc in our each product as it is also equally important to animals too.

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